Vicky Moller


Third Plaid Cymru candidate on the Mid and West Wales regional list

Wales has been my home for 53 years. My children, grand and great grandchildren live around me.

From traditional hill farming in North Wales to small-holding with John Seymour in West Wales, I learned how to live well within nature's means. I was a founder of West Wales Ecocentre in 1980.

In 1993 I was galvanised into politics by a planning battle to save the self-build home of a young local family. Our success made history and led on to Welsh policies enabling people to live on the land.

Since then I have worked for a vibrant sustainable economy, as a writer in Welsh papers, project leader and adviser, funding panels and charity boards member, events organiser, and as a pushy member of Plaid Cymru. I was on the Plaid national executive, am a policy team member, organise speakers at National conference and I set up Greens for Plaid with many active Facebook members.

The global outlook is frightening. We need committed leadership as never before.

Wales has Plaid Cymru to help this small country be a model and facilitator for a positive global future.

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