Matthew Woolfall-Jones


Plaid Cymru candidate for Torfaen

Matthew Woolfall Jones was born and bred in Pontypool in Torfaen.

He attended George Street School, Ysgol Bryn Onnen and then Ysgol Gyfun Gwynllyw before studying at Aberystwyth University. There he received his doctorate for research on theatre for young people in Wales, the digital culture and a number of aspects of the lives of young people.

Matthew has worked as a lecturer at Aberystwyth University, and has worked with young people in the arts sector. He is already working in the Assembly, and understands the processes of the Welsh Government, some of the challenges ahead in Wales, and what is needed to be an effective Assembly Member for his area.

Matthew has campaigned against the closure of Victoria Primary School and Brynteg Nursery in the Abersychan area, and supports the campaigners Varteg in their cause to protect the community and the local school against plans for an opencast.

Matthew comes from a family of care workers. As he grew up, his father was guardian to three people with varying special needs who lived with the family. Whilst in Aberystwyth, Matthew was also a Resident Tutor, giving guidance and support to students in crisis situations, and also in day to day life. As a result, Matthew has experience of working with a wide range of people, and is ready to be an Assembly Member for all the residents of Torfaen.

On being chosen to stand for Torfaen in the Assembly election, Matthew said:

“I’m delighted to have been chosen to stand for Torfaen. I wouldn’t try for anywhere else. It’s where I was born, where I live and where I feel that I will make a big difference for the good of our community.

“I want to bring Torfaen up to its full economic potential and my other priorities include improving the NHS and education services as well as services for older people and those with disabilities and various special needs.

“I want our children to receive the best and most inspiring education. I want people who need and receive treatment to get the highest standard by staff that are treated fairly and with respect by the government.

“I will work for a better Torfaen and for all that live here.”

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