Liz Musa


Plaid Cymru's fourth candidate on the South Wales Central list

I am pleased to introduce myself as your candidate for the forthcoming Welsh Assembly Election. My name is Liz Musa I was born in Riverside Cardiff. I have been married to my husband Omar Musa for 36 years. I worked for many years with older people. I am currently a Support Worker with Bawso assisting families resettle their adopted home of Wales.

I have been involved with Butetown residents association for over twenty five years negotiating and helping solve problems on behalf of the community. I have also been a Voluntary Board Member of the Cardiff & Vale Community Health Council representing the voluntary sector.

I am fervent believer in social justice for all, am very concerned about the educational standards in our schools as we all know a good education is the key to a successful life. Sadly this will not be the case for many of our children as things stand, which is why I’m putting my name forward as someone who will change things.

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