Jacqueline Hurst


Plaid Cymru candidate for Alyn and Deeside

Jacqueline Hurst MSc (Econ) B A (Hons) Dip S.W. is an Independent Social Worker who has worked across North and South Wales as well as the English Border counties. For many years her work has been to support children, adults and hospital patients in difficult circumstances.

Born in South London, she moved to Wales 20 years ago to train at Swansea University. She went on to work in Neath, Merthyr Tydfil and Carmarthenshire before making her home in North Wales, Caergwrle, (Alyn and Deeside).

She's a volunteer with the summer carnival and her children attend local schools. As a parent Jacqueline is concerned that not enough money is provided for schools in Flintshire.

"Although I was born outside Wales and I'm not a Welsh speaker, I care about where I live and I have been welcomed by Plaid Cymru," says Jacqueline.

"Our focus on exactly what's happening in Wales is essential to the country achieving its full potential."

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