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The Westminster Government’s Brexit plans strip us of our European Citizenship and, in many respects, our European identity.

It means your right to travel, live and work across Europe will be curtailed. It means your freedom to study and not be discriminated against based on nationality will be lost. It means that you are no longer European.

Stripping people of their citizenship against their will is not only wrong, but according to legal experts, illegal under international law.

How can Westminster take away your rights, against your will? How can Westminster remove your European identity? How can Westminster take away, against your will, the citizenship with which you were born?

Brexit’s disastrous economic consequences are apparent. But, now Westminster wants to take away who we are, how we define ourselves – our identity.

Will you join us in telling Westminster that we are European?

Also come and join us in Westminster on Wednesday 7 March at 11.00am, before PMQs, to demonstrate outside Parliament. Join the Facebook event here

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  • signed 2018-03-22 19:19:22 +0000
    The UK government has no right to remove my personal European Citizenship without my express personal agreement, they do not have it. If I could I would renounce my UK citizenship in favour of a Welsh/ EU citizenship which considering for some years I served in the United Kingdom’s armed forces and held the Queen’s warrant show just how disillusioned I have become with the Westminister government.
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    Signed.I am European.
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    #IAmEuropean - I oppose the Tories Hard Brexit - Join me, sign the petition now.
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    I am European
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    Starting with May’s aggressive xenophobia, backed by Farage’s hate-campaign and a Goebbels model press

    refugees from Hitler like me are now in fear of deportation.
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    All that is being said about loss of being European & all that implies pales into insignificance compared to what will happen if there is no open boarder between the North & South of Ireland OR if there is a hard boarder between UK and N’reland. Both cases will quite possibly lead to N’Irish politics being violently played out on the streets of the main-land. Look up the Curragh Mutiny of 1916 – The British Army Officer Corp. mutinied against Loyd Georges Home Rule for Ireland!
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    I support the openness and cultural links enhanced by The European Union chiefly for its contribution to peace-building. Culturally we ARE Europeans and will be whatever the Brexiteers say. I am less happy with the ‘ever-closer-union’ wing in Europe, and disgusted by the excessive salaries and expenses and lack of clear accounting at the centre, while poverty and inequality increase.
  • signed 2018-03-13 08:49:07 +0000
    UK & EU need to sort out nationality by descent – My wife and I have two young sons who can claim dual UK & German nationality, through their German mother (I am British) but two older sons who hold UK Passports, but who are not eligible to claim German nationality by descent through their German mother. Note: children born to German male fathers, are eligible to claim German nationality under the German nationality law – This is discrimination under Human Rights Law. European nationality by descent should encompass all children, born to European parents, regardless of being born legitimate, illegitimate, adopted etc. In addition, what about the descendant’s of all those hundreds of thousands of children, who were “illegally” transported from the UK & other EU countries to Australia & the colonies, who a judicial review in Feb/March 2018 (long overdue) has ruled was not legal, and that claims for blanket compensation for those left alive, is now being looked into. Brexit would appear to be “Cherry Picking” rights to EU nationality, which is highly likely to benefit many of the millions of immigrants in the EU, be they legal or illegal immigrants, which in terms of fairness and transparency, which will become a “Consequence of Errors”, which will lead to greater discrimination, and will strip many morally entitled descendants, of European Citizenship.
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    Steven Lloyd Watkin
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    #IAmEuropean - I oppose the Tories Hard Brexit - Join me, sign the petition now.
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    #IAmEuropean - I oppose the Tories Hard Brexit - Join me, sign the petition now. http://www2.partyof.wales/iameuropean_petition_page?recruiter_id=71727
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    lisa hale
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    #IAmEuropean - I oppose the Tories Hard Brexit - Join me, sign the petition now.
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    We are ultimately all European. Do not take that right away from my family.

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