Cerith Griffiths


Plaid Cymru candidate for the Cynon Valley

Cerith Griffiths was born and raised in the Amman Valley, an area very similar to the Cynon Valley. It is very much a close knit community and most members of his family worked underground - his father worked in the local mine and his mother worked in the local school and later cleaned at the local hospital.

He works as a fire-fighter and is also the Secretary of the Fire Brigades’ Union in Wales, and represents FBU members from the three Services in Wales namely Mid & West Wales, North Wales and South Wales.

He is passionate about creating a stronger economy and his priority is to create more local, well paid jobs. Cerith believes that raising standards in education is extremely important, as well as protecting our key public services against the attacks that they are facing from all unionist parties. He says that this is key to tackling poverty and poverty doesn’t have to be an inevitable feature of Wales.

Cerith enjoys all types of fitness activities, particularly running and cycling, and especially over extreme distances. He also enjoys walking. 

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